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Archimedes Leonhard Euler Carl Friedrich Gauss

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My Photo George Hartas
Educational Assistant for Mathematics Remediation

I teach MAT 025 - Arithmetic Review.
I am an assistant for the MAT 050 Individualized Instruction in-person courses, which are held only at the Marple Campus.

A Message for Students.

Degrees & Colleges
A.A. in Liberal Arts from Delaware County Community College
B.S. in Kinesiology from West Chester University
M.S. in Exercise and Sport Physiology from West Chester University
Academic Biography
Scholarly Interests
Explore then experiment in blending novel cognitive techniques together with mathematics procedures to simplify instruction for developmental mathematics students. Specifically, investigate methods of employing memory cues (visual, auditory, tactile) to augment comprehension, and to improve short-term and long-term retention of basic mathematics concepts. Incorporate successful approaches from peer-reviewed research journals and other publications into daily interactions with students, video lessons, lecture notes, handouts, and post the content on student Canvas courses and on my personal website, George's Math Aid. An example student handout is Using Thumbs for Signed Number Operations (2016).